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VCF to XLS is a utility that I created to convert a VCard file with multiple entries into Microsoft Excel format.

Once in Excel, the file can be saved as a Comma Separated Values file (.CSV) and imported into may different programs.

The program was written as a utility for use with the popular freeware cell phone manager, BitPim. BitPim can import from a CSV file, but can only export to a few different file types. One of these file types is the VCard.

The multiple entry VCard that BitPim and many other programs create can not be easily imported into many programs. Most programs can easily import multiple contacts in CSV format.


Instructions for use:

1) Click Here to Download VCF_to_XLS

2) Open the file. When prompted, select "Enable Macros"

3) The program will automatically prompt you to browse for your VCard file.

4) Save your new Excel spreadsheet in the desired format (.xls, csv, etc.)



This program is intened for use under a Windows operating system. This program has been tested for several different VCard formats and versions, but not every one has been accounted for. If you find a problem with a particular file or get an error, send me your VCard file and i'll make revisions to fix it. Please email me with questions or your VCard that does not import correctly.

This program is freeware and may be used freely for individual purposes. Please feel free to distribute it. It can not be sold. If you find this information helpful and wish to say thanks, you are welcome to make a PayPal donation. All proceeds go to my little girl's college fund. Thanks again!